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Privacy Statement

The intent of this privacy policy is to be as simple as possible and yet complete.

Who Is Responsible For This Website?

This is the personal website of Taner Aydin. The website address is: I am the responsible body in terms of data protection laws. You can contact me via email at

What Data Is Collected or Shared?

This website uses no cookies, no tracking, has no contact forms, and does not collect any personal data. It is built and hosted on Vercel which is GDPR-compliant and based in the USA privacy policy of Vercel

Does This Website Use Any Analytics

There is no tracking in the form of analytics used on this website.

SSL Encryption

To protect the security of your data during transmission, this website uses SSL encryption through HTTPS. The SSL certificate is provided by Let's Encrypt privacy policy of Let's Encrypt.

Email Contact

If contacted via e-mail, I will store and use the information that you provide for the purpose of processing your request and for possible follow-up questions.